New heights: Hiking up Mount Kinabalu

Malaysia’s highest peak was the perfect step up from Mount Fuji

The rocky granite faces of Mount Kinabalu

Itwas just 2pm. We thought we were among the first to reach Laban Rata Resthouse, having started at 9am and kept at a steady pace throughout. We had 12 hours to rest before making the push to the summit.

A lone guest was having a plate of mee goreng in the lobby-cum-dining-area, so I asked if he was the first.

“No, man, many people got here earlier!” he said cheerfully, adding that the early ones had actually started climbing at 7am.

One less thing to feel accomplished about, but our spirits were up. The rain had been building up over the past couple of hours, and it was starting to pour. My team mates and I were relieved to reach shelter and have a hot Milo. 

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